Focus System


ILS Core Programs for Improving Brain and Body Function through Integrating Multisensory Input

What is Focus System?

All Focus System (FS) programs combine three components – auditory, movement and language, in order to build new neural connections and reinforce existing ones for better overall functioning. The therapeutically-treated music is delivered via special air and bone conducting headphones and it is listened while performing targeted fun activities. When the person is ready, language and other cognitive challenges are added simultaneously, giving the program its unique holistic approach with sensory, motor, cognitive and communication input at a time.

How Many Programs does Focus System™ include?

  • 10-hour Calming Program
  • 60-hour Sensory & Motor Program
  • 40-hour Concentration & Attention Program
  • 40-hour Reading & Auditory Processing Program
  • Two 24-hour Optimal Performance Programs

How does Focus System Affect the Brain and the Body?

FS approach is scientifically staged, starting from basic levels of neural development and growing in complexity. It gives the individuals with developmental delays or recovering from injury the opportunity to build the foundations that may never have been fully developed or were interrupted due to an event. The results include better academic or professional performance, increased ability to control impulses, emotions and behavior, and adequate socialization.

The research on Focus System programs proves results in the following areas:

  • Sensory processing, body and space awareness 
  • Motor skills and balance
  • Auditory processing
  • Symptoms related to the Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Concentration, attention, memory and learning issues
  • Processing speed
  • Speech and language challenges
  • Written expression and reading comprehension
  • Emotional regulation and behavior problems
  • Social communication challenges
  • Head injury and stroke
  • Stress and anxiety

How Does IM Actually Achieve the Cited Results?

Neuroscience has already proven that the brain is plastic. Given the needed frequency, intensity and duration of the intervention, the proper motor, sensory and cognitive input change the brain growth. Brain stem maturation and subcortical processing must be in place for efficient higher cortical functioning. That is why FS firstly emphasizes on the bottom-up development (brain stem, cerebellum and limbic system), in order to ensure the subsequent appropriate top-down control from the higher brain structures over person’s functioning on all levels. This is the reason the targeted movement activities are obligatory during the auditory and bone conduction sensory input. These activities aim at muscle tone, core strength, reflex maturation, gross motor skills, body awareness, awareness of where the body is in space, rhythm, heighten coordination, balance, motor planning, visual tracking, focus and fine motor skills. All those establish a firm foundation for higher learning. You can read about the language component of FS (VoicePro) in its respective section.

You can read the research on FS programs here:



How to Enrol in the Focus System Intervention?

FS is offered not only as part of Integra Master Program® packages, but also separately in an online version.

The monthly fee for the stand-alone FS intervention is 960 BGN (approximately 490 euros*), which includes the following:

  • Pre-assessment
  • Multisensory Intervention Program with five 60-minute sessions per week (sound-stimulation listening therapy, combined with sensory, motor and cognitive input). The therapeutic tree from one FS program to another FS program is built on the assessment results.
  • Reassessments after completing every prescribed FS program.

* 1 euro is equivalent to 1.95583 BGN (Bulgarian currency – lev)

The fee is due in advance via bank transfer, after a previous discussion of the case, a confirmation that the program is suitable for the child or the adult and there are vacancies at the moment. A proforma invoice is issued for the payment. After the payment is completed, an invoice is issued on request.